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How to irritate people - CCARS11

A cache by Monty Python Hidden : 03/27/2011
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In 1968 the members of Monty Python released an instructional video on "How to irritate people". In a series of sketches the video demonstrates the fine art of irritating somebody. One classic for me is the sketch on mechanical failures. In this sketch John Cleese and and Graham Chapman play two bored airline pilots that decide to have a little fun with the passengers. Michael Palin is the steward who reports from the cabin.

CAPTAIN:        I spy with my little eye something beginning with 'S'.
CAPTAIN:        Mm-hmmm.
FIRST OFFICER:  I spy with my little eye something beginning with 'C'.
CAPTAIN:        Cloud.
FIRST OFFICER:  Yeah. Oh God, I'm bored.
CAPTAIN:        I'm fed up with that game. Let's play another game. I know what.

(The Captain picks up a microphone.)

CAPTAIN:        (over intercom) 'Hello, this is your Captain speaking.
                There is absolutely no cause for alarm.'
                That will get them thinking.

If you have not seen the sketch, I suggest that you check out the video on youtube!

The puzzle

Now it is up to you to start thinking. Just activate only the seven buttons that contain words from the sketch, press verify and presto, the coordinates of the cache location will be revealed! Luckily there are no mechanics involved so nothing can go wrong! You can verify your solution only five times so use it wisely!

The hide

You are looking for a camouflaged bright green bison tube. Note the terrain rating. With rain or snow the "path" to the cache can be very slippery as I've noticed several times when I placed the cache. Please rehide exactly as you found it to give the next cacher the same experience.

Additional Hints (Decrypt)

Gb fgnl va gur gurzr bs gur pnpur gvgyr: "Ab uvagf arrqrq!"
bx, n fznyy bar gura. Jurer jbhyq _lbh_ uvqr n pnpur nobhg gjb nveyvar cvybgf?

Decryption Key


(letter above equals below, and vice versa)


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Write note April 25 by green ducks (7925 found)

The puzzle posed no problem to me since I have watched a lot of Monty Python. So when another friendly cacher called for a hint I was happy to provide it to him. Now we need to wait until we can go out and find it. Great puzzle!

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Write note April 25 by j2d2 (6453 found)

This is the only puzzle in a very long time that I have no clue how to solve! Could somebody please give me a hint?

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Write note April 25 by KinderKen (834 found)

This one was pushing my buttons in a bad way! I could make head nor tails from the puzzle because every button I pressed didn't do what I expected. Only after I had called another friendly cacher I saw the lights and the puzzle revealed the right coordinates. I'm glad I got the puzzle solved! Let's hope I can find the cache just as easily!

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Publish Listing April 25 by Cache Effect (7 found)


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